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Anoop Sharma, founder of PreschoolsNearMe, started PreschoolsNearMe to EMPOWER preschools and parents as they searched for the best care for children.

Leading up to March 2020, Anoop had worked with his wife (a 10 year veteran in preschool space) to run a thriving preschool chain in California and offer high quality, affordable care to hundreds of families. As Covid hit, preschools closed and the business came to a screeching halt. When schools reopened 3 months later, enrollment was at an abysmal 30% and the business was non-viable to continue.

While closing the business hurt, Anoop and his wife had worked in high-tech corporate jobs for the last 20 years and were able to stay financially stable. But when they heard about employees losing jobs, businesses getting closed permanently and preschool owners having no choice but to shut down their schools, Anoop felt motivated to find a solution to the problem. After researching the situation facing child care centers throughout California, Anoop quit his high paying corporate job and sprang into action. His experience running preschools coupled with his technology expertise gave him the ideal credentials for a completely new hybrid project, using technology to help both the struggling preschool industry and parents in search of a safe, affordable place they could bring their children.

PreschoolsNearMe EMPOWERs preschool operators and families of little ones with the right technology tools to address the massive financial and logistics challenges that COVID has created. By better communication and easily accessible information, we can meet the needs of families even as we enable preschools to run viable, financially stable operations. We did a test run on five schools and were amazed with the results our technology solution generated. The schools that subscribed to PreschoolsNearMe’s program saw their enrollment jump 30% in the first two months. Instead of worrying about the future, preschool operators were able to get better results with less time outlay. This freed up both time and financial resources for improving preschool operations, and set the schools on the path to ultimate success.

At this time, PreschoolNearMe is available in selected cities in California with hundreds of preschools onboarded. We are working hard to include more cities around the United States.


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