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Jypsy 1:11

  4 years ago

Ability First has been a great help to Elias A. They had a lot of great programs. From therapy to crafts & arts. The staff you can never say THANK YOU enough. Finding folks with compassion & love is a rare breed. When you do find it My Heart goes out to you all... You are the best of the best.. Hope you all are doing fantastic..

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Chiquita Stonecipher

  a year ago

This program is really helping my arthritis problems. The staff is very professional and the class members are friendly and fun to be with.

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Len Schwalm

  a year ago

I was using the pool for physical therapy. Everyone is super nice and helpful.

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Nicole Oritz

  8 years ago

Well first off, the At A Glance for this organization needs to be re-written. It's not welfare services or social welfare. They help people with disabilities and they do an amazing job. I love them to death.

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Gerry Johnston

  2 years ago

Great staff, fun loving for our kids, nd completely trust the management. They great planned days full of activities including inside pool.

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Claremont, California, 91711


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