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Jennifer J. Janzen

  2 years ago

My daughters have enjoyed over 5 years at Aspirations collectively. Our experience with the school has been phenomenal. In fact, both of my children stayed through kindergarten since we valued Aspirations and it's approach to learning so much. The teachers are caring, involved, and extremely capable. The learning through art and exploration has been ideal and my kids have grown and learned about nature and various topics in unique ways I am not so sure happens at other schools. The AMAZING Art Gala is a perfect example of the caliber of direction and attention that the children at Aspirations receive and it demonstrates the commitment to learning through art that all parents can expect. My oldest was accepted into a private school at Rhoades and went into first grade as prepared as her peers. A big thank you to the Room 10 teachers - Miss Jodi and Miss Lindsay - who helped my children learn to read and advance with numbers, all while having an artful experience. Thank you to everyone at Aspirations!

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Gia Tartamella

  6 years ago

Looked great when we toured, but didn't live up to the expectations. My granddaughter's teacher spoke in a condescending tone every time my daughter or I asked her a question. She couldn't have been older than 24, so this type of disrespect should not have been tolerated by the ownership.

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Jonette Burk

  5 years ago

My son has been enrolled in Aspirations Preschool since August of 2015. We chose Aspirations over other schools for it's location, size, design,security, referrals from friends, ratios of teachers to students and hours of operation. Our local public Kindergarten has large ratios and short hours, in addition horrible office staff that make you feel unwelcome. Aspirations staff make you feel welcome at everyone drop off and pick up. My son is happy and is learning so much. We are pleased with the curriculum and additional activities available. The art studio and teacher Jeanette are wonderful. The music teacher is kind and patient as she inspires through music exploration. The sports program Amazing Athletes is offered for additional fee, and well worth it. They offer prepared lunches through a catering company for a low price as a convenience. Parent involvement is hoped for and encouraged by the gratefulness of the staff and teachers. During the morning hour when I drop off, I walk him to the playground to sign in. I don't leave right away because I enjoy watching my son integrate into a group of friends. I also observe the teachers monitoring, and supervising the children. The supervision is vigilant. The teachers stay on top of all the activities going on. I am amazed how the different teachers know all of the kids names from other classrooms. They make the effort to make all of the children grow and learn to interact with their peers. The teachers also are keeping the children safe by reminding the kids what the safety rules are. I also observe after school. He never wants to leave right away after school. That is always a great sign your kiddo likes a school. YES! As a family we have participated in the Welcome back to School Back yard BBQ. All the families are invited. The Halloween parade was well attended. For Thanksgiving each classroom has a TG dinner/lunch at school inviting family to attend. Can't wait to see what they have planned for Christmas. This is only December of 2015...I intend to revise this review at the end of the school year. I may change my rating to 5 stars. So far we really like it here and glad we chose Aspirations. Now it's April. I had to add the fifth star. I cannot wait until June. We just left the The Collected Work Art Show at Aspirations. WOW! On a big scale Wow! The entire school transformed into an art museum show casing the students art. I have never experienced anything quite like this before. You won't find this in a public school program. The teachers guide the children to create and experience layers of the art. Once the students are finished with these works, they are displayed at the museum quality level. The teachers with the help of volunteers mat the designs, pieces, and label each with descriptions.

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William Lee

  8 years ago

This school is a joke. We were very excited about this school but it has turned out to be a nightmare. This place is so disorganized. This place is more about the politics of what teacher you can get in your back pocket with gifts and side money. We are taking our son out of this school as fast as we can!

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Emilio Torres-Lumsden

  3 years ago

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Carlsbad, California, 92009

6286 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009, USA

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