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Francisco Mendoza

  2 years ago

Great environment for your kids. The teachers are caring and genuinely compassionate. The kids have fun and constantly bring home little projects they’ve worked on. Overall just a great place for your little ones

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Tina Hollands

  5 years ago

Helena , May God Bless you and your family. It sounds as if you have larger issue than Barton House play school at hand. I hope you find what it is you are looking for. Your statements are clearly false and brewed from a disgruntled place. Hundreds of satisfied families come to and graduate from this wonderful play school each year and it troubles me greatly to see you tarnish the Barthouse play school's good name. Good luck to you my friend. My daughter is in her second year of being at the school. 2014 for my family had several medical emergencies, my daughter continued to flourish. The staff was wonderful to her and cared about her well being as i spent 3 months in the hospital recovering from brain surgery and a stroke. My daughter loves her classes. The field trips are educational and well organized. Highly recommended! If you want a true/non-biased review of this play school , I encourage you to stop by and see for yourself the wonderful, kind, caring, playful environment it encompasses.

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Danielle Duenez

  5 years ago

I looked at so many preschools before I was blessed to find Barton House Playschool. I was so nervous to put my oldest daughter in preschool but when I found Barton House my anxious fears went away. The kind and loving staff was exactly what I wanted in a preschool. This staff, from the director to the teachers and the aides, are all about encouraging your child and helping each individual little spirit shine. The learning through play was perfect for my daughter. She just flourished there! Each year I saw my shy sweet girl become more confident and successful. I truly do not have one complaint about Barton House. I loved it so much both my children attended preschool there and we were apart of the Barton House family for 5 years. Thankful for the lovely, kind hearted women who invest time and love into my children. Barton House was the perfect start for my kiddos and they are now thriving in thier new classes.

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Manoj Kumar Sharma

  6 years ago

My son is going there for last 2 years I have seen tremendous improvements in him. School staff is very helpful. Vyom loves to be there he doesn't want to miss a single day of school.

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Helene Bishop

  5 years ago

I was so excited for my son to go BHP. I was hoping that what I had heard about the school was true. I found it to be totally opposite from what my family experienced. The director would wait until the end of the month before anything would be communicated. Let alone the teacher for three years old class hardly communicated. We had a parent conference after a month, they acted like they had never seen a busy 3 year old, mind you he's all boy. During that parent conference the teacher had her back to me the entire time. So unprofessional! Finally after them making inferences that he might be autistic because he loved playing with sand, playdoh and water- he should be in a smaller class setting is the phrase they used. At this time I wrote a letter to them stating everything that I'm writing here.People who are not educated to label and make statements like the ones in the meeting shouldn't! I felt like he was targeted. Didn't know why or understand it. Then they didn't think it was urgent for me to know when he locked himself in the classroom once and then escaped the classroom and got to the front office was important for me to know until it was the end of October so that I could withdraw him because they were UNFIT to keep my child in the classroom or safe! After that last phone call, we were done and pulled him out. My son had been in another preschool, never had issues. We sent him back there after these incidents. We still never had the problems they encountered. Parents, listen to the signals your kids are telling you! He did not want to be there. I thought he was kidding when he said he did not want to go back after the first day! Communication is poor, good luck trying to get through on the phones especially when you see you have a missed call from the school site. They don't see it necessary for them to return calls in a timely manner nor have half-time staff available at the front desk to take payment or take phone calls. I highly DO NOT recommend this school! Updated- 12-2015 Director and preschool teacher seems unaware or uneducated in the field of sensory issues. Teacher and aide trying to label my student autistic because he had some "sensory issues" . Any educator in the public school sector knows this is illegal. I found this school to not be safe which is huge in the eyes of parents. My child was able to lock himself in the classroom- he was alone. Another time he escaped out of class all the way to the front office where he was found by the secretary. "How does this happen?" I had to call the licensing board to go out there and see what was going on. So the lies begin. The officer who went out there was told nothing happened. But then I get a phone call a month after the fact from the director that this did happen. My son was sending me all the signals, he did not want to be here. He was in the 3 year old class,it was hard for him to tell me why he didn't want to be there or how is was being treated. Also if there is ever an emergency good luck trying to get someone to pick up the phone. No one has to man the phone's or front door. This was in 2014. I removed him on Halloween. He went there 2 days a week from the end August until Halloween. SO basically in 2 months of school at 3 years of age, he should be following all rules- like not tickle others, or throw sand. They also lack the patience to work with a student who doesn't fit the typical cookie cutter student. I wouldn't send any child here if it was the last preschool left.

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Redlands, California, 92373

32 Nevada St, Redlands, CA 92373, USA

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