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7527 CUVIER STREET, La Jolla, California, 92037

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Yohaan John

  3 weeks ago

Most famous alum is perhaps none other than Andrew Cunanan :-) … who went here in the 1980s … (serial killer, Versace’s murderer)

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Adam Nedley

  a month ago

The teachers ignored me as I told them about my abusive home life. I was considered not worthwhile by coaches. There were no counseling services. I contracted scabies from a bed in the nurse’s office, which was the closest thing to mental health services they offered.... Negligent doesn’t begin to describe it.

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Swati Bhat

  8 months ago

Very expensive and looking back not really sure whether it was worth the money for the effort. To their credit they do pay attention to a lot of extracurricular activities for which I am grateful.

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Robert Eliasson

  a year ago

I worked there as security from 2006 till 2013 best job I ever had . I worked well with Fred partrige Jose Byron George , and the other security . Always great ghost stories and fun times concerts there I guarded for Foreigner in 2008 they had them there never a dull moment in 2013 they let the partimers go it was sad spent so many good years with those guys I will never ever forget them .We lost a student there in 2006 his mom and grand parents killed in a plane crash Robbie Dryer who the field is named after . Fred my boss loved sports always laughing and cutting up .It's a great place to work and for you students a great place .

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Danny Newsom

  6 years ago

The Bishop's School is it's own protected world while still allowing it's students open opportunity to explore all cultures. Like a classic scene out of every feel good movie, every person - be it Faculty, Staff, Parent, Student or Alumni treats each other with respect and reverence. The Bishop's School is clearly one of the most prestigious institutions throughout California, but qualities associated with that designation just begin the details of description. TBS is a priceless journey. I'm honored to be a family member.

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La Jolla, California, 92037


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