Cajon Valley State Preschool-johnson

500 W. MADISON AVENUE, El Cajon, California, 92020

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Carlee Dean

  6 years ago

They wouldn't let me go smaller than 1 star. Anyway don't go to this school teachers disrespect students ,Children try killing them selves at the school kids get jumped a lot kids have hookah pens and don't get in trouble. Also, talk to strangers out side of gates people put guns to the fences .we have gun shots once in a while ,and I'm pretty sure it was planned. If you love your child don't send them their or they might commit suicide.

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Devin Maness

  4 years ago

This school gets a bad wrap because of lower test. There is a pretty high number of kids who start here not knowing very much if not any English, so the teachers have a harder time teaching at times. The teachers and staff there are amazing and do everything they can to educate every student. Just like in every school there are some students who have clashing personalities and fights happen, but the principal, VP, councillor and teachers do a great job dealing with situations as they arise.

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Carrie Griggs

  3 years ago

If I could give this school a zero I absolutely would. Twice this year my child has had a staff put their hands on him. The first time I had an appointment with the principal Mrs. Spar. Big waste of time. At first she said my son was a lier, so I requested for my son to be called so he can be there to defend him being called so. (The look on her face as he walked in and she suddenly "remembered" that infact she was aware of the situation was priceless.) Well no resolution to that situation. Move forward 5 months and yet again another staff puts their hands on my child. I'm not going to sit back and allow my child to be bullied by the same people that are supposed to make them feel safe. The problem at this school is the majority of the staff starting with principal Spar is their grown bullies. Definitely won't be sending anymore of my children here.

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Angel Macalino

  4 years ago

this school is perfectly fine nothing bad happens at all the teachers are very nice and students don't try killing them selves i went there bout 9 years ago and went back... it hasn't changed one bit

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Jacqueline Jimenez

  5 years ago

My kids attended this school for 2 weeks. I pulled them out because they weren't learning anything new. Their previous school was way more advanced in the curriculum than this school. There were also lots of ghetto mothers outside the school talking about getting drunk the night before, getting high, using each others dog collars on their boyfriends, and yelling and cussing out their younger children. Don't even get me started on the way they came dressed to the school!! I really don't care what people do in their spare time, but leave it at home and don't talk about it at your children's school. Poor kids.

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El Cajon, California, 92020


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