Children's Montessori Center

2791 Green River Rd # 112, Corona, CA 92882, USA, Corona, California, 92882

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  • 06:30 AM - 05:30 PM

  • Full-day

  • Toddler Class (1 - 2 yrs)

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Nishana Clarke

  2 years ago

Excellent school and the teachers are wonderful. My son have been attending there for over a year and loves it.

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lilledeshan bose

  2 years ago

We live 2 blocks aways from this location, so I tried Children's Montessori Center for my 30-month-old daughter for about 2 weeks. Before that, she had a nanny who watched her M-F. CMC was a terrible experience. I had misgivings before I tried it; I asked NextDoor members what they thought of it and I got very negative comments. When I visited it always seemed chaotic, like there were too many kids and it was not the cleanest place. However it was so close to our house and my son's school that I felt that we should try it. Alas, it was a traumatic experience for my daugher and for us! Prior to bringing my daughter in, we were not briefed properly on what we needed to do or bring. But they were always calling us to ask if we were coming. I came in two or three times to observe the classrooms, and the teachers in the classroom seemed not to care about the children. Once I was watching 5 year olds on the playground and the person who was supposed to be minding was on her phone! Also, I never knew who was working there. The website has two people pictured, but only Meena Manaktala was ever on site. The assistant director Sapna Sachdev does not seem to be a real person. I don't know what everyone else's certifications were, but it just seemed to be a money making daycare. They are NOT accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. I would daily ask for a progress reports for my daughter ... whether she ate, napped or cried all day, or if her diaper was changed. I never got one, but so I had no idea what they were doing with her. They also would switch her from one classroom to another so the afternoon class teachers sometimes didn't know if she ate lunch or napped when I got there. But daily, the director Meena would assure me that she ate, that she napped, that she was improving ... but she would come home RAVENOUS and eat everything in sight. At the end of two weeks of these kind of assurances -- on a Friday AFTERNOON -- they told us abruptly that we needed to look for other options for my daughter, because they said she never ate in daycare, never slept, and just cried all day. We were livid. First, we were blindsided -- why would they give me all kinds of verbal assurances about her progress and then tell me that at the end of the day on the last day of the week? We had to scramble with finding other options for her over the weekend and the next week. Second, they also asked "Is there something wrong with her?" in a very callous and insensitive manner. That's how you know they're not a professional child development center because that's not how you would phrase a question to a parent. No, there is nothing wrong with my daughter, she has just had a nanny for 2 years and stayed at home and was used to a different schedule. Third, we did not go back the following week -- and I never got a phone call or any kind of follow-up from them about how Kaya was doing. Was I glad to get out of there. She is at KinderCare on Highgrove now and it is much better, cleaner, plus National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited so the teachers know exactly what to do.

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Cool One

  a year ago

Not a very well run school.

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traci benincosa

  4 years ago

Wonderful, loving environment where children are cared for and expected to learn and grow.

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margie “may” Palomar

  3 years ago

Rude place

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Corona, California, 92882

2791 Green River Rd # 112, Corona, CA 92882, USA

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