13168 POWAY ROAD, POWAY, California, 91000

Our goal is to provide a loving and stimulating environment which encourages a child to grow intellectually, to interact appropriately with peers and adults, and to exhibit respect for himself and others.

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  • 06:30 AM - 06:30 PM

  • Full-day

  • Two's Class (2 - 3 yrs)
  • Three's Class (3 - 4 yrs)
  • Four's Class (4 - 5 yrs)
  • Five's Class (5 - 6 yrs)

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Cheri Koenig

  3 months ago

My grandaughter would not be the healthy 9byear she is today if not for the amazing teachers here.

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Jeffrey Silva

  5 years ago

i work across the way from children's preschool and i love looking at the windows decorated with the kids art. looks like they have fun. i wish i was young again.

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milly brown

  6 years ago

The school was okay. Anoush the director is a sweetheart I LOVE HER!!! She's very warm and kind and tries to make all the kids feel so loved. Most the teachers are just okay and some are good. It's kind of hit and miss. If you get a good teacher in this school I think you are all set! But they seem to change the teachers around quite a bit. The one thing I would say is I think they are crazy to do field trips where they walk on Poway road with a bunch of little ones. I NEVER sent my child on one of these and took him out of school that day.... and Im glad I did, It just didn't "feel" right. Then I saw them walking one day...only 1 teacher in front of the kids on Poway road, nobody watching the 5-7 kids behind her ...ages 4ish ... no hand holding AND she was TEXTING!!! Really!!! Made my kind of mad that someone would care so little about anothers child. I think anoush is great and is trying to make an amazing school but the staff is just not good enough. And anoush is too nice to fire them. But I have seen her trying to work with them because either their tone isnt right or they aren't good at discipline etc...

profile photo

Audrey H

  3 years ago

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POWAY, California, 91000


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