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LaPrieta Linda

  a year ago

- Friendly staff who genuinely care about their students. - small class sizes = more attention, less stressed staff Recommendation: The students here receive more attention and are treated with special care, I would definitely recommend this school to parents who feel their child with special needs or intellectual disabilities are being over looked and not educated to a higher standard in general public schools. The enrollment process is very fast and the principal, Dr. Karwan creates a rapport with all the students that attend. I will say this campus gave me all the educational tools necessary to learn: free laptop (to take home and complete online studies), and a PUMA backpack with school emblem sewn on it.The teachers and counselors worked with me to create a schedule that allowed me to attend my college courses and care for my sibling at home. I will say you do have to put your foot down and remind counselors and teachers of your set contract and agreement of your graduation date, mine was pushed back for 2-3 months and that affected my college education. I learned subjects at my own pace and it furthered my understanding of what it meant to be college-ready and become an adult. In many ways the literature assigned to me broadened my views on society, the justice system, and financial management. While attending here I was being rewarded with awards during my short time here.After the school year ended students were allowed to purchase the out-dated laptops from the campus and I still use that laptop today! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here as well as my education. Teachers try to create this bubble for seniors and juniors that have skipped grades since attending there to really focus on studying, getting higher grades and test scores. This school does not tolerate tardiness. They will contact your family on the 2nd day of tardiness and may go as far as taking administrative actions against students enrollment. I attended this school to have flexible hours to support my family while attending college. I graduated with 11 other seniors and received praise and encouragement while attending as a concurrent enrollment student. Keep in mind that the students studying here that transferred from a regular public school, may loose some of the things that come with that public school experience such as: playgrounds (limited age play), school dances, school sport games, limited variety of clubs/extracurricular activities, Prom with former school, senior night with former school, regular Senior yearbook photos. This school is truly one of a kind. There is a nursing school on campus, a program for young adults with Disabilities and Special Needs and a regular K-12 grade level system that you can move up the grade scale by taking college credit courses and graduate early. Plenty of other students I met as a senior here took care of their families, started careers/jobs, and ran small businesses. I will note that, some teachers have +20 years of teaching experience. I would love the opportunity to send my children to a school like this someday. Thank You Val Verde Academy

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  2 years ago

This school is truly amazing. If I had not transferred here, I wouldn't be where I am today. I was able to graduate a whole year early because of VVA! The staff is amazing, the teacher's truly care, shout out to Mrs. Cabral, and the principal makes you feel like you're just part of the family!

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Kamikaze Skateboards

  a year ago

This school is kicking students out over grades even thought they can get their stuff together to preform better and the teachers to teach better if it were up to me this place would be shut down and the space would be used for a more convenient way liek a park since a park would benefit the community more than this school dose

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Nick Roberts

  5 years ago

Awful place. The "school" is basically a jail for students who were unfortunately forced to attend here for whatever reason. The rules are way too strict and it's gotten to the point where the students are basically trapped in a sandbox under the extremely corrupt principal, who changes his rules every single week. There is little to no learning taking place at this utter failure of a school and the majority of the students who don't even slightly conform to this torture will likely be unfairly thrown into Val Verde High School. I've heard students say that the probation school on the corner has more freedom than this awful excuse of a school. Please don't send your child here.

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Marucho Evariz

  3 years ago

this place is a great It helped me a lot now I am working for the district I am so happy and appreciate everybody that help me lots of friendly great people can I ask for more

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