Ellen Ochoa Learning Center State Preschool

5027 LIVE OAK SREET RM. 1-3, Cudahy, California, 90201

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  • 06:00 AM - 06:00 PM

  • Full-day

  • Toddler Class (1 - 2 yrs)

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  a month ago

i am a 4th grader and it is cool also in zoom.

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  10 months ago

I am a 6th grader here, I really miss being in school😢. Are we ever going back to school this is a very good school 100%. I wish I was in school right now I am tired of been stuck at home doing nothing.

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  2 years ago

I am a 7th grader here, so I’m about to finish my first year. So far my experience here is that I am having fun. A LOT of fun. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. They teach well, but don’t really give any supplies. Only paper. Overall, this school could use some improvements, but it’s not that bad

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Muneca BonBon

  a year ago

I went here and honestly had a good time, I was there since kindergarten to middle school and remember it fondly. I'm about to graduate highschool now as class of 2020

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Rachel Villavueva

  3 years ago

Common Core is the most ridiculous! I am a teacher myself, my grandchild attends this school and any teacher who skips skills of addition and subtraction, learning the fundamentals of carrying over, just to jump over to the common core curriculum isn't beneficial toward our children learning. What are they missing out on? Also, I have a well behaved grandchild, not perfect but well behaved, and the teacher loves to bench children EVERY DAY! We're talking 2nd graders, parents! Lunch ladies RUSH our children to eat. This is insane! Children need to experience healthier eating experiences. So, the next time they say that a child is over weight, let's blame the school and hungry lunch ladies themselves! Terrible!!! If children tell a lunch lady they can't understand Spanish, the lunch ladies yell and keep hurrying the children! Are these clowns even eligible for volunteers or to pretend to be teachers? These fakes should be supervised! A custodian yelling out at me after he cleaned the bathroom! What kind of dangerous person is he, or IS HE? When parents and children walk into an office, professionalism is a must for front office! Staff needs to invite warm welcoming and courteous smiles. WHO NEEDS OWL EYES AND EARS! Let's be realistic and start complaining. There are some bullying teachers too! LET'S START BENCHING ALL OF THEM! Listen to a professional herself! FIGHT FOR YOUR CHILDREN, ITS THEIR FUTURE TOO!

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Cudahy, California, 90201


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