9325 PALMETTO AVENUE, FONTANA, California, 92335

Our goal is to provide a loving and stimulating environment which encourages a child to grow intellectually, to interact appropriately with peers and adults, and to exhibit respect for himself and others.

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Jereni Valle

  4 years ago

I love all the staff there they are so fun even the teachers but I am very sad that ms.mendoza died I really miss her even my dad donated money❤I love if there i been there since kinder

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veronica enriquez

  4 years ago

I am very sad to hear about the passing of my good friend Mrs. Mendoza who worked at palmetto for many years. I can't believe it I am completely in shocked. We will miss her she was soooo kind to all the students and all the parents she always was ready to give anybody a hand. I WILL MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH MRS. MENDOZA

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Jesseca Bojorquez

  3 years ago

Vilma Sandoval the “Vice Principle” is the most rude and condescending staff member at this Elementary. Her professional demeanor does not live up to her title. She takes advantage of the fact that phone calls made to the school are not recorded and feels she can say and act however she pleases. She laughs at you and then hangs up on you. I had an early morning parent conference and she just allowed me to go on to campus without checking my identity!!!!!! With all these recent events occurring how is this school taking any addiontal precautionary measures to ensure the security of our children???? She does not deserve to be in her current position. I have escalated this to the school district in hopes of immediate resolution.

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Joanna Aguilar

  4 years ago

Good school i miss this school now I'm in 6 grade ind I miss this school and good luck who ever is in that school😀 this is roger Melendez and I remember miss Mendoza good luck:)

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Grecia Garcia

  7 years ago

Love the teatchers they have a great staff. They are committed in our children education and securty.

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FONTANA, California, 92335


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