16613 RANDALL AVE., FONTANA, California, 92335

Our goal is to provide a loving and stimulating environment which encourages a child to grow intellectually, to interact appropriately with peers and adults, and to exhibit respect for himself and others.

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  • Five's Class (5 - 6 yrs)

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Ricardo Montano

  4 years ago

Worse school I have seen. My Daughter is on Special Ed Kindergarten and the teacher forgot to put her on the bus. We got so worried when the bus driver told us our daughter was not on the bus not even the school took the time to call us to inform us.

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Marittza Garcia

  4 years ago

I have gone to my school ever since 2010 and Iove it there the teachers are caring and they go out of their way to make sure you understand the material β™₯

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Cynthia A.Cruz

  3 years ago

Nice teachers Ms Clement,Ms Carlos,Ms Retana,Mr.VelazquezπŸ˜€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

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Karl Wagner

  7 years ago

I went to randall pepper from 1974 to 76 I may have been the first 4th grader to be suspended for Gambling...... I was the best marble shooter at school and routinely won other boys marbles. This did not sit well with the Vice principle Mr. Velasquez.. I was actually suspended for a week............. I recieved swats from Mr. Velasquez, as well as my 5th and 6th grade teacher. Mr.Leach. Yes actually had the SAME teacher for two strait years. (later in life i realized i was actually cursed) Retired military. Need i say more. Became one of the big shots at school along with Craig Turner, and Chris Garcia. Also was in fight at at school (3 actually) with the same kid. His name was Jimmy Flores and he was the biggest kid at school and was the school bully and i stood up to him 3 times. First time, he pounded me, literally. Second time, draw... Third time i broke his nose, in what witnesses called a 15 round war. This war was so talked about, my first day of Jr. High, was called into the Vice principles office(as was Jimmy Flores) and warned. any fighting on this campus, would be expelled.. I had a teachers aid named Mrs. Carr, who was a wonderful person, who died of cancer while we were in 6th grade, Her death hurt alot, to me as well as the school. Her daughter Elizibeth Carr was my friend, and we continued to be friends all the way the school. Randall Pepper had the biggest tricycles for the pre school kids, I still to this day ever saw. They were these big aluminum ones that took two kids to push. I had a crush on a girl named barbie who lived across the street from R. P. I had my first real girlfriend Laurie Stewart who transfered here from England. She had such a beautiful accent, and she was awesome at Kickball... Wow, a beautiful girl who could play sports... life couldn't be better. My best friend was Danny Bell. His family is Morman, I go over their house and like the fact that his family actually Loves each other... Cool. I don't think Randall Pepper had AIR CONDONDITIONERS. I have been contacted by others who i met many years ago at Randall Pepper through Facebook.

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Stacy Rodriguez

  4 years ago

Aside from a couple amazing teachers by far worst place to place your kids staff and pta very unprofessional and low class, rude, corrupt for sure! very sad.

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