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Kim McConnell

  3 years ago

We LOVE Goddard School in Carlsbad. We recently changed schools with our 4 year old son and we could not be happier. The Teachers and Directors are hands down the best - everyone is extremely approachable. They take their time in talking with us and with our son. It is a safe and clean environment. We receive notes and photos throughout the day on most days as well as a summary every day of how our son's day went, including naps, meals and curriculum.

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Julie P

  4 years ago

My son has been here since they opened and it's been the best learning experience ever. The child focused planned activities challenges him according to his needs and development. Their summer program is outstanding as children are learning about a different country every week. My son comes home with facts about countries I don't even know. The security, the curriculum, easy to understand detailed daily reports, along with the planned goals and activities the teachers set, are exemplary. I get pictures and videos of my son doing amazing activities almost everyday. His class even did research activities using a microscope and various science experiments. I just can't say enough great things about this school. The teachers, the management, the communication with parents are excellent. If you are looking for a preschool for your child, then don't look further. Come to The Goddard School and you'll be glad you did.

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Kimberly Torres

  5 years ago

We started our daughter at the Goddard school in May of 2014. Since that time she has flourished in the environment the school has provided. She started in the pre-preschool classes and is now in the Preschool class with Ms Cassie. Skills she has acquired in that time: 1. She knows how to say her alphabet 2. She can recognize 80% of the alphabet 3. She knows about 50% of her alphabet phonics sounds 4. She can count to 30 5. She can draw people showing general anatomy (Face, hands, arms, legs, feet, etc.) 6. She can make new friends easily (She was a little awkward about this before she started school) Our daughter loves her school and her teachers, she runs to them for hugs whenever I bring her in the mornings. The staff is always welcoming and willing to share with us at the end of the day anything that happened during the day that she excelled at or maybe needed more work on. We get daily reports every day of the activities they did in her class as well as a report of what she ate/didn't eat of her lunch. The facility is always very helpful and they respond quickly to any request or concern that we may have. Incredible team and school!

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Sarah Butterworth

  6 years ago

I have had my son enrolled in this preschool since the very first day the school was opened. This school has an amazing staff and amazing teachers which puts my heart at ease as a mother when I drop him off for school everyday. They are a family oriented school who cares for every single one of the children who attend there and their families which is very apparent. The owners are very involved and lead their staff by example.On top of their outstanding staff the education they provide is priceless even at a preschool level. I would and do recommend this school to anyone with young children who wants the assurance that their children are in the best hands possible.

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Leslie Juvin-Acker

  2 years ago

Toddler care, PRE-K, and Kindergarten excellent. My children had attended this school since 18 months. Upfront, the price of child care is hefty for the average family, but having toured many facilities and educational programs (Montesorri, Waldorf, etc) the value and quality of education is second to none in the area. The security is excellent. Cleanliness is exceptional. Focus towards teaching children reading, writing, and basic skills is wonderful. Miss Gay in the TK/K program is exceptional. Our daughter has learned so much from her and has set a joyful foundation for how learning can be fun, social, and purposeful for little kids about to enter formal learning. We thank the stars for her. I do wish there was a greater sense of community among the parents and teachers. I am friendly with all, but would have liked to get to know them more - maybe spotlight the teacher's in emails or have mixers for parents and teachers. However, this doesn't take away from the professional manner the teachers compose themselves or the fact that there are practically three people running the school and they're doing a great job at doing this monumental task. Kudos! I have personally made some great parent friends at this school. I'm grateful for that. I am going to miss what the school offers when my kids transition to primary school. Letting go of your babies is a personally hard thing to do, but it feels good and worth it when they're going into good hands. I never worried about my kids at the Goddard School and would recommend it to anyone who wants their children in a structured, safe, and nurturing environment. My kids loved their teachers and always talked about them at home. That's a good thing! Best wishes...

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