Grossmont College Child Development Center

8800 GROSSMONT COLLEGE DR., El Cajon, California, 92020

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  • 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

  • Full-day

  • Toddler Class (1 - 2 yrs)

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  a month ago

Love this campus and the staff. All very kind and helpful. The teaching staff are also very caring and helpful with their students. I can only speak for the Child Development department, but it seems like this college does itโ€™s best to find the most qualified staff for their positions.

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Laura Maturo

  4 weeks ago

I'm an adult re entry student. The pro is that there's plenty adult reentry students, so it doesn't feel too out of place. However, many extracurriculars on campus cater to the younger masses, such as the clubs and groups. I've tried attending a few of the clubs and felt so out of place. The cafeteria is ok, but food can get pricey for cafeteria food. Childcare is a huge benefit -- one of the best preschools in the county is right there and available only to students, so it's fantastic for a mother looking to increase her knowledge.

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Christopher Lajuj

  4 months ago

the counselor are not fit for their positions. I was told I cant transfer to CSU San Francisco, and turns out i could. Counselor said I qualify for academic renewal and I was NOT approved. I have no one to guide me through my college experience since im a first generation student and counted on the campuses resources. its a shame I keep getting wrong information from "trusted resources" please change for the future students.

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Lora Nash

  2 months ago

This is my home school, this institution is better than any school in the nation!

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Julie Seely

  8 months ago

The school is great- but DO NOT use the online Grossmont College Bookstore to get your textbooks! I ordered a book a month ago for my accounting class and I am still waiting on it. I asked them to give me a refund so I can just buy the book online from the publisher and they refused. Their online bookstore has very poor customer service.

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El Cajon, California, 92020


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