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Tawnya Larkin

  3 months ago

The team at Poinsettia KinderCare is everything any parent could hope for. They treat everyone like family, adhering to children's individual needs. Rebekah (the site director) has done an excellent job at building the team and ensuring a welcoming environment. My daughter has been going through a cling-to-mama phase for three months now, but once we walk up to Kindercare she happily waves bye to me and looks forward to a day of socializing and learning. I highly recommend this location.

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Rachael Garcia

  9 months ago

Our child was at a different daycare until about age 3.5 and she literally complained about wanting to go everyday. We finally looked into a few other daycare centers in the South Carlsbad area and ultimately decided on the Poinsettia KinderCare. While some of the programs seemed similar (price and education wise), when I toured KC, the warmth of the staff and the huge outdoor playground with all that green grass sold me on this facility. Our daughter is now ready to move on to kindergarten and it is very bittersweet to leave this place that has been a huge source of kindness, care, safety and fun for not just our child, but for the entire family. Our daughter has flourished in this program, and we couldn't be more grateful. I highly recommend Poinsettia KinderCare.

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Timothy Layton

  9 months ago

When my wife and I had to go back to work after the initial COVID lockdown our previous childcare center was not open, so we decided to enroll our son in the Poinsettia Kindercare. We have been very impressed with how they are handling the social distancing and safety guidelines at this center. It is hard not being able to go in to pick up my son, but he is always brought out promptly and with a huge smile on his face! Even without being able to go into the building, we have been able to build a good relationship with the teachers. They have been doing a great job communicating how his days have gone in the classroom. Our son is always excited to go to “school” every morning, he even rushes us so he can get there. He constantly talks about his teachers and it makes us feel like he is being treated like family at this center.

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Erin Doyle

  11 months ago

I adore this Kindercare location! The Director Rebekah could not be more on point. She goes above and beyond. She is literally one of the kindest human beings I have ever met. I discovered this location originally when relocating to California September of 2019. I mapped it out and it was in the vicinity of an employer I was interviewing with. Rebekah accommodated me for a trial day so I could interview and see if it was a good fit in one fell swoop. My then 3 year old son loved it! He was on one side of the spacious outdoor play area pedaling like a mad toddler and would not come out of one those Fisher Price pedal and go Fred Flinstone esque cars. He did not want to leave! Lol. The teacher over his class when I came to pick him up was happy, friendly and sooo good with the kiddos. We struck up a good conversation outside and I just felt so welcomed. Seeing my kid not wanting to leave and in the hands of such warm, caring staff. If all the kids are happy it always a good sign. I didn't end up getting that particular position I interviewed for but I kept in touch with Rebekah and months and months later I was able to finally enroll my son. I had been having difficulty potty training him and within a month of being there he was feeling more at ease and less resistant to the potty training process. He quickly started going at home in his little potty on his own and was wearing big boy underwear. The teachers were so helpful and patient with him. Also, helping me with potty training tips. Not to mention all round the other wonderful growth milestones he experienced from being in such loving care. His speech started improving. He became more confident in his little self. He would tell me new things he was learning and what he drew, how many times he played outside. They constantly would be making little art masterpieces which are displayed so adorably throughout the spacious building as you walk thru. And ofcourse, mainly taken home to show off as well. He was growing and thriving so well at this location and I would highly, highly, highly recommend it. If I could give 6 stars I would. They go above and beyond that much. All the teachers and staff at this location are wonderful. The only reason we aren't there is due to COVID and the hours were shorter when we needed the care after they reopened. Rebekah was wonderful enough to help us find another location in the interim.

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Gunnah Spivey

  a year ago

The staff is very friendly and trustworthy. The communication they have with the parents is nothing short of outstanding. They are very clean and organized daycare. My son adored all of his teachers and I can't say enough great things about them. Wish I didnt have to leave them!!!!

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