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1307 LAUREL TREE LANE, Carlsbad, California, 92011

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Patricia Quartuccio

  2 years ago

We have tried for years to inform management that one of their tenants has lived there for years claiming that her adult daughter is a dependent. This pair have lived there since 2002 according to emails from my ex the adult daughter who lived with me in another county from 2003 until Dec 2012. That is when the daughter moved back with her mother. Her mother has a 2 bd room when she is a single adult with No dependence, I have many text and emails where the daughter brags about living there spending $400 on a 7 years old birthday. Having income she was not claiming Welfare S.S.I.D for one child and $400 a month in child support. claiming that up to 3 or more families can reside in one 2 bd apart. ha ha is her comment......... The mother I believe is friends with the manager and that is how these two have been able to continue to defraud housing for 16 years. It is our understanding that even though daughter is on moms housing she herself with her children are on a list and next up for an apartment. so all I can say is if you want to know why your still on the list this could be one of the reasons why.

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Mami Sott

  3 years ago

Incredibly horrible management team. Especially Maria osorio. If you have any other options I would check into those first. Living there was MISERABLE!

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Phil Beltran

  5 years ago


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Josie Gutierrez

  3 years ago

Nice apartments and area 👍😉

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Esther Obregon

  7 years ago

Resting for a nice vacation ...

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