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Will Yanes

  2 years ago

All my 7 year old can talk about is how much she is learning and how much she loves it. She loved her old elementary school but forgot all about it after her first week at this new school.

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Mayeen Quader

  a year ago

Hands down, best school in the Inland Empire! I went here when I was younger and just had to bring my son as well. After leaving Riverside Montessori Academy I went to public and was always the top of my class. My son has been attending since 2013. He is now a 4th grader, but his Math is at a 6th-7th grade level. As an educator myself, I know how important it is to make learning fun. All the teachers and staff at RMA are passionate and energetic. The Pachappa campus has such a large grass plot too! It is beautiful. The school is run smoothly by a highly-qualified Executive Director, Dr. Chandrapala who is personable and so professional. Thank you Riverside Montessori Academy for all that you do!

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Eugene Barr

  3 years ago

I really loved it here. The staff is excellent. If it weren't for my job changing my work schedule on me my daughter would still be going here. She was at a second grade level on everything upon exciting kindergarten. She was doing 3 Digit Borrow Subtraction - Regrouping worksheets, reading at about 3rd grade level. I mean, what kindergartner fully understands the scientific method?? My daughter went here for preschool and kindergarten. As a comparison, they are about 2 grade levels on average ahead of public school. Of course with Montessori schools, your child learns at their own pace which to me is excellent.

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Ame Fregoso

  4 years ago

This is a great school for the little ones. The teacher will not only focus on the academics but also teach them good manners and discipline. It is expensive but it is very well worth it. My daughter has learned so much, her teacher is great and the Montessori system is exceptional.

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Elva M

  3 years ago

My children currently go here and it is great. They have hours and rates that work with my work schedule. The teachers and staff are kind, patient, and focused on each child. I feel my children are safe in their care. I regularly compare my children's academics to other kids in public school to make sure it is still worth it. The program at this school is so advanced that it blows my mind. My kindergartner is an amazing reader and mathematician. The school really tries to make sure the parents and students are listened to and are constantly striving to make the program even more well rounded. Both my kids have been going there since they were 2.5 yrs and now my oldest is 8. The Christmas program mentioned costs money only because they have to rent a hall. It is a very impressive production that they put on and it gets better every year. It includes catered lunch and the kids really look forward to it every year. They all have the confidence to perform and then love to celebrate by sitting with their family and friends afterwards. The school pictures someone complained about also is optional. I like the convenience of the Christmas photos that they offer. I send them to school in their Christmas wear and they can take a nice buddy photo that I can give to my family. I get them in time to include as a nice gift for the grandparents and my mantle. They offer Spring photos as well but I opt out of those and it is no big deal. This school provides such a great foundation that I know my children will be able to go anywhere after and do well. My children go year round. The summer program they offer still keeps them moving forward on their academics but also throws in fun activities. My kids really love it. It is a very close community feel. The kids can recognize every other kids parents and always announce it and say hello and goodbye. I highly recommend this school, especially for preschool. Once your kid starts in preschool, you wont want them to leave. Mrs. Deepika is an amazing teacher! She is ground zero for getting your child ahead for the rest of their lives. I recommend googling what the Montessori Method is and then you will only want your little one taught that way. They are nurtured to be well educated, considerate, and independent minds. I'm a fan.

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