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Rosalia Olguin

  4 weeks ago

My daughter has been here for a year and we love it! Specially during the times of COVID. Everyone here is very helpful and my daughter has really grown in her development. Happy Teachers Appreciation Week! You are all Suoer Heros on my book!

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Cristy Sanchez

  2 years ago

Best school choice I have made for my daughter!! She has been here since she was 18 months old and I love how caring the teachers are. I love the fact that it is a school and not a day care they actually teach the toddlers. My daughter is now 4 she has moved on to TK class one thing I love is the structure, children are very disciplined and very advanced. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a place for your child to learn,explore and advance in there education. All the staff is very friendly and caring. The director of the school is very easy to talk to and she always willing to work with you. The school is very safe they cameras in every classroom there is a gate and a code to get inside. They also have a kitchen in which they prepare healthy fresh lunch (optional). I highly recommend this school if you are looking for a structure educational place not a day care setting!!!

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Charles de Bock

  2 years ago

My son who just turned 5 has been going here since he was 2. We pulled him from a day care where he didn't want to be. He didn't enjoy playing and didn't seem to learn much. After searching we were happy to find Montessori of Anaheim. My son loves it here. He has many friends: classmates, teachers, director and assistants. He can already read and write. My wife and I are amazed and ecstatic in how he has grown up here. I love the tasks they do and all the learning tools that are available. Everyone enjoys the Holiday presentation. I know it is helping him in being more confident. It's so fun seeing them dressed up in matching attire or costumes, singing along. My son says, "Ms Gnei is the best of all!" Thank you staff, Keep up the good work!

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Carolina Morin

  6 years ago

My husband and I made a huge decision this past October to move our two toddler boys from an in house Day care, to Montessori Academy of Anaheim, and it was the best decision we've ever made as far as our boys' development. We have noticed a tremendous change in both of our boys. They are only a year a-part and are so different from each other. They each are interested in completely different things, and we wanted a place were both can excel in what they love without separating them. Both my husband and I receive constant feedback from the teachers and the school director who is very involved and caring with the children and their individual development. We strongly recommend this school to any parent that is looking for a safe, caring, and nourishing place

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Yoanna Lie

  a year ago

If you are looking for a small school with great teachers that gives their full attention to your kids, then this is the school for you. When we initially were looking for a preschool, we went to other locations around Anaheim. I feel that other locations either have too many kids, or bad location (near busy street), or sometimes I see a roomful of unhappy kids with unmotivated teachers. The first time we met Ms. Sandya and had a tour of the school, we were SOLD! It had all the criteria that we were looking for: 1) Happy Kids/Teachers 2) Clean space 3) Safety. There are 4 classes and it caters from 18 months through 2nd grade. My son attended MAA since he was 3 years old (Ms. Livi's class, Ms. Gnei's class, now he's in Ms. Evangline class). My daughter attended MAA since she was 18 months old (Ms. Jackie, and not she's in Ms. Livi's class). Another plus about this school is the school is spacious and clean. The school is behind a secured gate within the church's parking lot (away from busy street) and is very safe. The morning drop-off and evening pick-up is quick and convenient because of the church's big parking lot.

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