Next Generation Educational Center

1471 GRANITE HILLS DRIVE, El Cajon, California, 92019

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  • 06:00 AM - 06:30 PM

  • Full-day

  • Two's Class (2 - 3 yrs)

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  • School's Photo Gallery
  • School's Photo Gallery

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Brittany Main

  2 years ago

My child doesn’t go here but I work behind the building and have a clear view of the playground. I would never send my child here after seeing how the teachers act. One teacher got mad at a little toddler playing with a toy and yanked the toddler off the toy, and threw (i mean literally THREW) the toy into a shed and just yelled very loud and abrasive at the toddler. The poor toddler was crying so loud I could hear it from in our office. I understand disciplining kids but if any one ever treated my daughter the way I seen this abrasive woman treat that kid I’d be having more than a nice chat with the teacher. My heart feels heavy for that poor little girl and all the others little children there.

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sudden savage

  a year ago

Great childcare experience especially Mss. Sarah in the 2's classroom.

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Lynnette Edwards

  3 years ago

Keep up the hard work ladies.

profile photo

Donovan Lovato

  4 years ago

Best daycare ever!

profile photo

Noor Bahnam

  4 years ago

rating rating rating rating rating

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El Cajon, California, 92019


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