Rusd-lugonia Elementary School

202 E. PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Redlands, California, 92374

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  • 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

  • Full-day

  • Two's Class (2 - 3 yrs)

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  3 years ago

It’s a good school, although, the food could be better. And also, I hate my 5th grade teacher.

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Gavyn Playz

  3 years ago

HORRIBLE SCHOOL!!! This school is the worst do not send your kid here!!! This school has very bad kids and they give out kids to random people!!! The kids in all the grades especially the lower ones are always acting inappropriate. These kids are always talking bad and their bully's. AND ALL STAFF AND TEACHERS PLAY FAVORITES AND VALUE GIRLS MORE THAN BOYS!!!! And kids in lower grades are always asking for sexual favours and talking about EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE!!!! WARNING WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T SEND YOUR KID HERE!!!!

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Mark Delacruz

  7 years ago

Lugonia is a excellent school in fact its is the best school in California to me

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Johnnie Clark

  3 years ago

Back in 2000-2002 i was their and it was a alright school just most of the teachers were bad and the old principle mr. O'Neill im glad hes not there anymore but just looking at the school now it looks so much better than when i was attending their

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  2 years ago

Used to go there a long time ago and I was bullied by students and a teacher she would be racist towards me and treat me inappropriately,me and my other black friends,the kids there are very bad and cuss whenever they want,if you are getting bullied there and go to tell the principal they wont believe you and they will brush it off when I was bullied by the teacher she dug in my desk and read my private journal I wrote some bad stuff in there but uh wasn't hers to read it was private i was called to the office then i was almost suspended for having "I hate (teachers name) so much but she was excused even though she locked me and my 2 other friends in our classroom and started yelling at us accusing us of bullying, however, the think together there is really fun, and I made some new friends there.

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Redlands, California, 92374


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