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daniell blodgett

  3 years ago

I use to have faith in this school until this year. My daughter is a 1st grader this year and so far we switch her teachers. The 1st teacher put her on the bus when she was suppose to go to the hearts program. I'm just thankful a neighbor called me to tell me that she has her and not the after school program. The 2nd teacher tells on my daughter every single day through the class dojo. For the 1St couple of days while my daughter is in the new class the kids tell her that she needs to go back to her own classroom. The teacher never once corrected the kids to be nice to her. My husband caught this teacher scolding my daughter and we advised the principal and this teacher was talked to. But this keeps happening every single day. On the playground today my daughter was being bullied before school. So she was upset not once did the teacher ask her what was wrong instead my daughter that's in 1st grade got detention for the entire day. These are brand new teacher's that are completely ruining the school. I understand that kids will be kids but my daughter is very sweet and kind. Thank you Madison very much for not helping our children but instead taking our tax dollars for unreliable education. For teachers that have no business dealing with children.

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Patrick Arebalo

  2 years ago

***Be Cautious of Educator: Melinda Lang - 2nd grade Teacher - Madison Elementary School.**** I recently moved my son from another elementary school located in Riverside to Madison Elementary School. The campus is very beautiful, well organized, and proactive for their children. Stong blues and neutral colors along with their school mascots painted on the school itself gives a fresh look for the community. My child and I were notified about a missing book from his previous elementary school. I immediately contacted the school and spoke to the librarian. The librarian informed me that I can trade a book of equal value or bring in the funds which I agreed to. The following day Teacher Melinda Lang locked down her 2nd grade class forcing her children out quickly so she was able to escort my child directly to me in the front of the school before some of the other classes were even released. Recently coming off shoulder surgery she asked of my recovery and immediately began discussing the book fee from the other school. I informed her that it would be taking care of the issue and stated that I wrote a letter to both school to no longer allow book rentals to my child at the beginning of the school year. She stated "It doesn't matter you and your child have debt and you need to pay it" I understood completely and agreed. however, I stated that It was between the previous elementary school and my son and I and its being taking care of. I was alarmed infront of the entire school as she became aggrevated at the response and would not allow me to speak continuously cutting me off raising her voice. She used hand gestures in a hostile manner towards us capturing the attention of other student's and parent's and I was highly embarrased with a knot in my throat. The scariest part is that I am a passive larger male and deal with anxiety. I stand with my hands in my pokets when I speak. She began to act as if i was being aggresive towards her when her own argument started to lean out of her favor. As she became more agressive another student of her class asked if she could sign his year book and she instantly snapped on him yelling " No! Not right now, now Go!" As i began to get picture of who my childs teacher is. I stated that I would feel more comfortable speaking to the principal and documenting her behavior and the way she yelled at her other student because of another students book fee is becoming unexceptable. I began walking to the Principal and she began to walk with us putting her hand behind my child's back increasing my childs speed. I asked her to remove her hand and to give us some space while we talked to the Principal. She stated " There's no way im going to do that and we don't document anything here." As I walked up to the Principal she still would not give space and began to plead her case infront of students getting picked up and other educators. The principal himself reminded that we are infront if children and to be discreet. Still she didnt stop. He physically removed himself from his area to take care of the situation. I explained the situation in full as he appoligized and explained that she was definitely in the wrong. This could have resulted in a larger incident or a fabricated story if my neighbor had not been recording the incident. To whoever this may concern, we have faith in Riverside Unified School District (R.U.S.D) to hire educators that we can trust. There are so many good teachers in our district however with good comes the bad. Im lucky enough to have been educated enough to be able to share this incident. Please be cautious of who you leave your children with. Thank you - Madison Elementary Parent

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Nickola Klauk (Kola)

  3 years ago

My son has ADHD but we dont want to give him medication. His schooling is difficult for him but Madison has had great teachers who respect our decision and help w the understanding of how a child may be under these circumstances. We had Mr.Mc Devitt last year and was such a relief to have a school year of peace and happiness for my son. Oh and he also took time out of his own to help find some solutions for my son Damien to help in class and before all these fidget spinners there is a fidget cube that i had purchased for Damien and one to donate, wich we both thought helped a lot to keep him more focused. All in all i love this school for building my son back up in his confidence after transferring from a top rated school Tuscany Hills that didnt want nothing to do but push the fact of pills for my child and broke him with everyday reports of negativity from his ADHD. Madison school truly has been a wonderful experience for my family =)

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  3 years ago

The school was really litterd on, and the food tasted bad, that is what my cousin said, and finally it had really nice teachers

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Jose Gonzalez

  4 years ago

Great school and programs.

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