Seneca Elementary Preschool

11615 WORDSWORTH ROAD, Moreno Valley, California, 92557

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  • 07:30 AM - 04:30 PM

  • Full-day

  • Two's Class (2 - 3 yrs)

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Cloudyxx14 May lad

  3 years ago

Absolutely love this school. I found all the Teachers truly care and work hard with each individual student. The best special ed Teachers ever! Best Teachers for the gifted children also! Principle is amazing and takes time to make each individual student feel special. Love this School!

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Chely Cortez

  5 years ago

Seneca is a great school !!! What I love about this school is that parents and teachers work together there's a lot of communication going on and the principal his great because he haves good communication with the students and parents, too.

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Alondra Arellano

  3 years ago

It’s a good school the thing is it’s right next too the hills so it’s a little scary sometimes I’m in 5th grade this year and well things get harder but I’ve been here since 1st grade the teachers are always concerned which is good my promotion this year is on June 6 the last day of school is on June 8 on June 8 I’ll write about the bad stuff that happened sorry for making this so long. Shoutout to Mrs.Covington and all my bye from Alondra Arellano

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aj Jackson

  3 years ago

Love it its is awesome they elaberate with the students

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Daryl French

  4 years ago

Great school. Is there anyway we can get a hold of a year book for the time we went to that school?

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Moreno Valley, California, 92557


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