Sunnymead Montessori School

24851 BAY AVENUE, Moreno Valley, California, 92553

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  • 07:00 AM - 05:15 PM

  • Full-day

  • Two's Class (2 - 3 yrs)

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edward minkler

  5 years ago

Love this school My daughter went for over a year and started kindergarten reading and my son is there now and he could spell his name and write it independently by the time he turned 3.. 5 stars in my book would recommend to anyone and have recommended it to people who in return have been impressed also.

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Kim Starrs

  3 years ago

My kids have had a fantastic experience here. Both my boys learned how to read, thanks to this great school. They are caring and kind and made us feel like family. Highly recommended!

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Hurs joy

  5 years ago

Our grandson attended this school for his kindergarten school year (2014-2015); and, as a result of their teaching methods he not only completed kindergarten with excellent reading and math skills, he is now attending first grade where the main focus of the school is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The STEM method is very demanding and because he was provided the necessary skills he is not only able to maintain but to thrive in his new environment. We've just received his first progress report and his overall grade in all subjects (reading, language, math, science and history) is an "A". We salute Sunnymead Montessori for it's ability to not only motivate the children but to stay in constant contact with the parents, thus providing a strong home-school connection.

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Veronica Pleitez

  a year ago

I love this school my daughter was here from age 2-4 she learned so much. Started reading at 4 unfortunately I had to move but I’ll sure miss her teachers. They’re very caring and loving and have a healthy teaching environment. Everything she learned at school made my job easier at home! Will always be thankful to Ms. Daisy, Delrine & Alicia.

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Cecilia Ramos

  2 years ago

When I went to see this place for the first time, it gave me a lot of confidence and I believed that my 2-year-old daughter would be happy in this place, but on her first day, when I called to ask how she was behaving, the director of the campus told me that I would return the money and I would not accept my baby anymore for the simple reason that he did not want to pee all day in the bathroom and that at bedtime he did not fall asleep, I feel that it was not professional, because for a child for the first time to a new place where he does not know anyone, it is obvious that he does not know or know the rules and he will feel strange and without further explanation he gave me the money I paid and told me that he could not continue in that school, it is a lack of professionalism not being able to treat a 2 year old child !!!

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Moreno Valley, California, 92553


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