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Visual discrimination | What, why and how?

The best visual discrimination definition describes it as the capacity to distinguish differences in things, symbols, or forms. Different factors such color, position, shape, pattern, texture, and size can also be used to classify them.

Helping Your Child Learn Through Play

In one room, preschoolers are seated at a table, painstakingly tracing their letters for hours on end. In another, children are deep into an intense game of make-believe. Where is more learning happening?

Fun Games to Play on a Rainy Day with Your Ki...

For most families, a rainy day means being cooped up inside, quiet activities like watching movies, playing video games, making puzzles, or reading a book. But just because it's wet outside doesn't mean you have to spend your day indoors. With some creativity, you can turn a little rain into a lot o

Superb Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids

Backyard ideas for kids - If you want to engage your kids outside so these are some of the backyard play ideas which you can play with them. These backyard playground ideas will make your kid more active and smart. Check out our cheap backyard ideas for kids now!

What Are Decision Making Games That You Can P...

Decision making games are one of the best to build up something in your kid that the books and video games cannot when you sit and play with your kid giving them situations that might be a bit difficult to handle but yet they are able to solve them will give you and them a boost in confidence.

Raining Day Kids Activities They Would Surely...

Rainy day indoor kids activities just not engage children but also important for their growth and development. This is why when its raining outside engage them with fun activities which they can do inside. Here is a list of activities that kids can enjoy on days when they are stuck inside on a rainy

Some Fun Rainy Day Outdoor Activities for Kid...

While playing outside in the rain won't sound sort of a blast for folks, it’s such a lot of fun for kids! Rain makes everything feel more magical and may turn ordinary adventures into extraordinary ones! Today, I’m sharing a number of our favorite screen-free Rainy Day outdoor activities for tee

Top Nugget Couch Slide Ideas That kids Love

Just like kids love fairy tales, to play with castles and forts. Role playing as a prince or princess is one of the most popular playtime activities for kids around the world. And what better way could there be to play with forts if not the amazing nugget fort ideas!

The Top List of Classic Books For 5th graders

Reading is one of the best ways you can encourage personality growth in your child. There is so much to explore with books. Fairy tales, adventure of the brave souls, mystery thrillers, the list goes on and on.


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