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Top List of K Initial Words for Your Kids

Kids can have difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds and syllables. The right way to approach this situation is by helping them with that particular sound separately and practicing regularly.

Things that start with “I” with Meaning

Things that start with I can really help you child to know more about the alphabets and different types of words that starts with that. In our blog we have list out some of the words for different age kids, animal names, activities and Pictionary that start with letter I.

Things that starts with“E” with Meaning

I understood that locating items that begin with the letter of the week might be difficult, so I thought having a lengthy list of "E" letter things on hand could be useful. If I've missed anything, please let me know in the comments and I'll gladly add more letter "E" objects.

Things that starts with “A” with Meaning

A group of my friends started doing something we are calling Toddler Time and each week we choose a letter to focus on. I realized that finding objects that start with the letter of the week can be a challenge and I thought it might be helpful to have a long list of "A" letter objects on hand. So, l

Things that Start with Letter “N” with Me...

Things that start with letter N are listed on this blog. Explore the words as per the age, animal names, object names, and activities which you can teach to your child. At the growing age children grasp more things quickly so make them learn every possible word that start with N with Preschoolsnearm


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